Monday, January 04, 2010

Last look back

I didn't get around to an end of year retrospective but there was no dearth of them. Beyond my personal losses, the Grim Reaper seemed especially greedy this year. NYT runs down some notable obits and this TCM Remembers video of lost Hollywood celebs is devastating.

Then of course there were the "wars." Spencer Ackerman's post on his trip to the Guantanamo Gift Shop spoke volumes about that legacy.

As did these two photos. Kabul in 1969 and Kabul, same view, 2009. Hard to imagine why they aren't erecting statues to celebrate.

This was a great retrospect. The Rude One reviewed with haikus. And his readers joined in.

And this is one for the archives. A history of Republican offenders. Don't think they got every single one, but it's a good overview of GOP criminality.

But to end on a brighter note, here's a blast from the way past. Amazing Springsteen footage from 1972: First gig after signing record deal.

And the sweetest personal retrospect came from my friend Alex, who fell in love. Here's hoping we all find this kind of joy in the new year.

[Hat tips to Misha, Roger Ebert and Greg Mitchell.]

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