Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thrills and shills

Sorry posting is still spotty. I was pretty well burned out yesterday and today I have a few errands that may run long. But let me clear out some of these links for now.

They've been debating the health care bill for days without taking a single vote yet. There's a reason for that, and yes, it's just the usual GOP obstructionism. Via PWire we see that Sen. Judd Gregg issued a memo to the party with 15 ways to delay and derail the votes with procedural tricks. As TPM notes for the most part these are simply designed to "cause the debate proceedings to grind to a halt." Copious use of the filibuster is involved. Ezra adds, "this is a completely insane way to run the government." I can't improve on that.

I've been studiously ignoring the media obsession with Tiger Woods' penis, but Atrios is right in pointing out this article on the PR behind him that created the Tiger myth is worth a read.

I've also been avoiding the leaked "Climategate" emails but I may post on it at some point. In the interim, it's useful to note that it's pretty hard to depend on the tradmed to tell the story straight when Newsweek sponsored a "climate salon" which is underwritten by American Petroleum Institute, whose president was the keynote speaker and no environmental groups were invited. Or maybe they couldn't afford to pony up the price. We don't know, because no one is willing to tell how much API paid for the privilege of privately bending the journos ears.

Soros is in NOLA and announced plans to to increase help to the region. No specifics at this point, but interesting that he's stepping in just as most government entities are winding up, long before the place is rebuilt.

Briefly breaking the Palin embargo, because this is so choice. The little people aren't allowed to take photos with Princess Sarah at her book signing stops, but she does provide an official photog who will take a shot and send them one -- just like Santa at the mall. I'm told the prices are even steeper than St. Nicks annual gouging of parents.

And in case you missed it, you know how much I love these miraculous sightings. Jesus on an iron. She claims she's not going to try to sell it or otherwise cash in the icon. That might be a first.

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Blogger Ruth said...

Is anyone surprised Palin isn't letting her 'fans' get free pics? Almsot worth paying the price to wear the traditional t-shirt pointed her way; "I'm With Stupid" - tho replacing with 'the Crook' might work better under the circumstances.

12:59:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

That is a good idea Ruth. I wonder if they would take the photo? Would be amusing to see someone try it.

1:04:00 PM  

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