Sunday, December 13, 2009

RIP Gene Barry

I can't believe there's been so little mourning for Gene Barry, who died this week at the age of 90. Maybe you have to be a senior citizen to remember him well enough to be sorry he's gone. Still, he didn't even get his own obit at the link above. He had to share it with some other guy.

I loved him myself, especially in his roles as Bat Materson

And as a millionaire cop in Burke's Law

I don't think I missed a single episode of either series when I was a kid. Burke's Law later morphed into a couple of other incarnations that didn't work as well but I still watched him every chance I got. Had a bit of a movie star crush on him. Always thought he was sexier than Rock Hudson who I think got much more attention back then than he deserved. I liked Gene better because he wasn't quite as pretty and he seemed smarter.

Really surprised there was so little mention in the news or the blogs. Thanks to Mark Knoller for telling me, or I wouldn't known.

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Blogger Farley said...

When I heard that name, I thought he was the guy that emceed "Match Game". But now that I looked up his pic, yeah that guy has been in a lot of stuff. Didn't know his name, though. He seemed to have lived a nice long, fruitful life.

10:55:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Guess you have to be old to appreciate his work. He was a seminal part of my growing up.

The Match Game's name was Gene something too I think. I forget his last name. You'd think I remember, I watched that game a lot as a kid.

5:37:00 PM  

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