Monday, December 14, 2009

Must be the season of the list

Atrios tweeted that he hates the end of year list season. I have mixed feelings myself. There's way too many mediocre ones, but I don't mind the interesting ones. And this year it's the "end of the decade" lists that are coming out. I kind of like the let's review thing for the decade. I mean over ten years, I've forgotten some stuff and I'm also curious to see what people think of as "the best" so here's the best lists I've seen in the last couple of days.

Starting with the meta, Matt posted this top 20 internet lists of 2009. I didn't drill down to the contents of each one, but the lists of lists was interesting in itself.

Robert Ebert put up one I liked. Best Movie Posters of the Decade. Didn't love all of them, but he's got a good eye.

Drew passed on this one. A short narrated photo essay. Photos by Maisie Crow, 2009 Boston Globe summer intern.

And I'm not a really a fan of this comic, but this panel did make me laugh. Quite possibly the worst pun of the decade.

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