Friday, December 04, 2009

Lou Dobbs Is Not Extreme Enough

Yes, hard as it may be to believe, among the hard core anti-immigrant base of the new GOP, a PAC that formerly supported Lou Dobbs has dropped their support because he made one slightly moderate comment about undocumented immigrants. The group now fully opposes him.
"Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is withdrawing support for Lou Dobbs after years, including the suspension of websites calling on Dobbs to run for President due to the perceived change in Mr. Dobbs's stances on immigration issues," the organization wrote.

"His recent comments on Telemundo and his national radio show supporting some kind of path to citizenship for illegal immigrants is inconsistent with positions of ALIPAC and the views of most American citizens," William Gheen, a representative of AILPAC also said in the written statement.

In a separate telephone interview with CNN, Gheen said that the group continues to respect Dobbs for helping to highlight the issue of illegal immigration.

But, Gheen added that Dobbs' recent remarks have "just blown everyone's minds" and that the group found itself at an "unexpected impasse" with Dobbs at this point.

"We feel like: Who are you and what have you done with Lou Dobbs?" Gheen explained.
The purity test for the crazy base just keeps getting more strict. I would find it amusing that the same people who cry fascism at every opportunity are so intolerant that even one unacceptable remark leads to banishment, except these people are really starting to scare me. I mean, they have guns. Lots of guns. And apparently hair-trigger tempers and no grasp of mercy. Not a comforting combo.

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