Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's that time of year

The last couple of weeks of the year are always sort of slow for news. So the blog fights start up, but I'm staying out of those. And of course, the lists arrive. Best/Worst of Everything in 2009. Some of those I like.

Haven't made it through this one that Alan Colmes flagged this morning because it's on HuffPo and that site hangs up for me all the time now. But I made it through the first few and it looks worth a browse. 60+ of the funniest protest signs in 2009.

TPM has a Catalog of Fox News "mistakes".

The one thing I miss about living up north is the snow sculptures. I used to live for a good packing snow and my snow creatures were always well received and appreciated by the neighbors, but none of my creations came close to these 20 Awesome Snow Sculpture Themes.

Whiskey Ina gave me this link. She has some fun holiday stuff at her blog, so click her too, but this 1966 Holiday Promo for CBS made me smile. Those were gentler times, and it's interesting for all the griping about the stupid alleged war on Christmas, they said Happy Holidays...

And this is incredible. The world's smallest snowman. It's one fifth the width of a human hair. Obviously the photo is much enlarged.

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