Friday, December 11, 2009

Heated Debates

Catching up on saved links this morning before I get lost in the day's news. Octopus lays into the climate deniers with some irrefutable evidence. Not that it will change their closed minds, but it's good ammo for any arguments you might get into with them. And Hart debunks the "Climategate" shoutragers.

I missed the fifth anniversary of Gary Webb's suicide. It was a couple of days ago. I spent ten days with him in Mexico once as part of a group. He was a great journalist and what the tradmed did to him was a truly a crime. They killed him just as surely as if they had pulled the trigger themselves. Robert Parry remembers...

Not often I would send you to the National Review, but this post by Tim Lynch of Cato is well worth reading on the futility of the drug war. I have my disagreements with Cato too, but the war on some drugs is something we always agree on.

My dear friend Mark Bode passed on a link to this short biography of his dad, legendary 60s graphic artist Vaughn Bode. It's very intense reading. Brutally honest account of Vaughn's struggle to fit into society.

If you missed this Jon Stewart segment, it's a good one, on the dumbing down of Gretchen Carlson. Hard to believe smart people would sell their souls to Fox just for money.

I loved this photo essay of Hall of Fame toys. Out of the 44 listed, I've owned all but four of them in my lifetime.

There's supposed to ten of these best viral video ads of the last year. I only saw six at the post, but maybe it's my computer. They were entertaining in any event.

And I loved this skyscraper in China and loved the vegetal city even more. That one looked like something out of a fairy tale.

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