Saturday, December 05, 2009


I've long been fascinated by Blackwater founder Erik Prince, partly because he's so reclusive and partly because their training grounds were nearby the last place I lived. And of course because of Blackwater's involvement with the Bush administration. It appears that was more than just a business arrangement. As it turns out, in a Vanity Fair profile, Mr. Prince announced he was a CIA asset who was wrongfully outed. Interesting quote from a former US prosecutor, making a comparison between that and Valerie Plame.

Wonder were that guy was when the Bush administration was busy covering up her outing, but more interesting is Blackwater's (or whatever they're calling themselves these days) ongoing relationship with our US Special Forces. Apparently "Blackwater has for years been working on a classified contract with the Joint Special Operations Command in a drone bombing campaign in Pakistan, as well as planning snatch-and-grab missions and targeted assassinations." One has to wonder whether our lack of success with these missions has anything to do with Blackwater's obvious interest in prolonging their contracts.

All that aside, the article is notable for its detail of Prince's work for the government. It basically comes down to a veiled threat that Prince could spill some big secrets should he be indicted for anything. Which was until now, looking very possible. Another scrap of the Bush legacy, where only the bad guys really win.

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