Friday, November 20, 2009

Unbalanced Fare

I burned out yesterday. Had to deal with the moving thing and frankly, I just couldn't face the news. Wasn't much anyway in the tradmed, unless you want to talk about Palin. Which I'm going to do again today oddly, since Rump Roast found some interesting feedback from her fans.

It appears her book tour is leaving some of them disenchanted with their Yukon Princess. Apparently despite having waiting for most of the day in lines, and most of that time in the freezing cold and rain, some 400 of the 1000 lucky wristband holders didn't get their books signed. Ms. Mooselina skulked off to her bus at the stroke of 9:00 with a royal wave and had her minions dispense pre-printed signature plates for their books instead. Some unhappy campers to say the least. Click over to see the vid and the comments.

Meanwhile, Fox admits another *inadvertent* mistake in airing old campaign footage and pretending it was film of the crowds who showed up to buy her book.

Media Matters collects a list of Fox's year of apologies, and it's a good one, but hardly seems comprehensive to me. I know they've made more *mistakes* than that, but I guess these are just the ones they've owned up to.

Of course, Fox was forced to apologize. You won't see any mea culpas coming from Wingnuttia's greatest fabulist, Gateway Pundit, who lied in his lede by misquoting President Obama. None of his deluded fans caught the discrepancy anyway, despite the fact the video and the transcript were available on the post. So eager are they to believe the worst, and validate their hate, mere facts don't matter. I know. Not exactly news, but still never fails to astound me.

The President was talking about his Asian tour in the quote in question. Not that you saw much coverage of that. The journos on Twitter were mostly talking about themselves but thanks to Mark Knoller for passing on the link to White House photographer Pete Souza's blog where he has posts, video and photographs of the tour.

Completely unrelated to politics, my friends Rich and Flo scored a cover story in the local alt-newspaper. They're the ones with the toilet paper museum, but that's not the only thing that's cool about them. I believe they were the first, or at least one of the first musicians to sell their albums strictly through the internet. And they collect lots of other fun stuff too. It's a nice write-up.

And I haven't had time to look at this, but I want to archive the link so I can. Thanks to HBK for flagging Fine Vintage: Sexiest Men (Not Necessarily) Alive. Apparently, you can add your own choices. I assume this was done in response to whichever magazine declared Johnny Depp to be sexiest man of the year. I think he's pretty sexy I guess, but I would have chosen Mark Knoller of course.

Late addition: One more photo link from John. This is a nice one. He just figured out some fancy trick with his camera. New Yorker Hotel with Chrysler Building in the background. I love New York.

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