Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Speech for the Ages

I've only read the transcript, but everyone is raving about President Obama's speech at Ft. Hood yesterday. The speech is moving on paper, but I'll watch the video tonight because reading the tweets alone from people who were watching live brought me to tears.

Meanwhile, Obama honored the dead and the living military servicepeople again today for Veteran's Day. He gave another good speech, but what got the buzz was his unprecedented stroll among the gravestones at Arlington Cemetery. He and Michelle stopped and spoke with the families there. Video at the link.

We complain a lot about his foreign policy decisions and I will never be happy about escalating our military involvement anywhere, but all that aside, I don't really see how anyone can accuse our president of a lack of empathy. Whether I agree with him or not, it's clear he takes the responsibility for those decisions seriously and the human cost weighs on him heavily.

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