Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Pied Viper - Updated 4X

Apparently there is simply no end zone for the crazy that is Michelle Bachmann. In less than an hour, she is going to address a rally of tea party shoutragers on the Capitol steps and then lead the mob into the halls of Congress to confront their targeted victims Congressmen. In a conference call with the tea party protesters last night, she told the masses the mission is to "kill the bill" and she expects if they succeed it will remain dead for at least ten years.

Thousands have pledged to show up and Greg Sargent reports he estimates about 1000 are already milling around waiting for the riot to begin. One suspects they may well get a good turnout since, once again, Fox has been actively promoting the protest. Word has it that the Pied Viper will be leading her troops into battle herself.

As they say, story developing... Will update as it unfolds. [hat tip to Lizz Winstead for Bachmann's new internet nym]

Update 12:45pm: Crowd now estimated at about 3000-3500. Signs are said to be fairly mild in comparison to other protests. Bachmann slated to speak at 1:00. Hearing Fox is there to provide TV coverage.

Update 1:38pm: CSPAN airing it live. Looks like about a dozen or so GOP Reps speaking. One of them is my own odious Virginia Foxx.

Update 2:40pm: Speeches are over. Unsourced tweet- park police said more people show up for the annual ice cream social. But still sounds like a bit of mob scene. Reports of long lines trying to get into building. Blocking traffic and some shouting "Kill the Bill." Adding, now hearing reports of arrests. TPM updating at the above link, so I'll end here and wait for the recaps later.

One last addition. No post is complete without the obligatory picture of a protest sign. Kind of says it all about this event.

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