Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Palin Madness

I'm disgusted with the amount of media attention Palin is getting this week and frankly I don't think that all the snarking from the left is really helping marginalize her. It's just more ink about her, her, her. At this point, the only ones fooled are her fans and the snark just solidifies their loyalty. If anything, I see it as increasing her support, just because the wingers love to piss us liberals off.

At this point, I'm basically refusing to read anything with her name in it, but I do occassionally get tricked by a shortened link and this piece by Joan Walsh makes a good point. Palin isn't that worrisome but the anger of the working poor that she is tapping into is dangerous to ignore. Read the whole thing, but the closer sums up the problem well.

So while I'm not worried about President Palin, I remain worried about President Obama. I'm particularly concerned that his increasingly triangulating, anti-deficit administration will do the wrong thing, morally and politically, and move to the right, without understanding that some right-wing rage could be rechanneled by acknowledging its roots: That the economic system seems rigged for the have-a-lots v. the have-a-littles, and despite their promises, the Democrats haven't done enough to change that. Palin can't change any of that, but Obama can. There's still time for him to do so, but the clock is ticking.
Walsh links to a couple of others making the same point, that being, it is dangerous to discount this public mood. I've been predicting since 04 that the year of the anti-incumbent is nigh. I think in 2010, I'm finally going to be right. I don't think there's enough Tea Party people to elect Palin president, but there's enough to elect some nutcases to office. They'll vote them in to piss us off, no matter how suicidal it is.

On a different note, since I'm breaking my Palin embargo, this twitpix is worth passing on. I'm told it was taken in front of her favorite consignment store. Says it all.

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