Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Obligatory post-election post

I did my long form posts at the DetNews here and here, so I'll just give you the shorter version. Don't see much national implication in the governor's races. Deeds was a sucky Blue Dog style candidate from the get-go and based on anecdotal evidence from NJ friends, Corzine wasn't all that loved by anyone. Plus he had that troublesome connection to Goldman Sachs.

As for the Congressional races, as Steve Benen points out, the Democrats are five for five in the last special Congressional elections. And in the California election, which was basically ignored by the media, the winner came out strongly for health care reform. The big lesson for the Dems is "centrism" and bullshit triangulation isn't going to work anymore. If they want to tap into the energy of the Obama voters, they need to deliver on the mandate for progressive policies that we handed them in Nov 08.

They said they needed a majority to get anything done. We gave it to them. If they think they can now get away with bullshit excuses about some mythical desire for bipartisanship as a cover for legislating in favor of their corporate benefactors, they should think again. If they won't fulfill their promises, we'll find some better Democrats who will and we can afford to take some losses on principle now.

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