Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday morning mash up

Clearing out some new and some older saved links. This just in from Karen Tumulty. "Washington Times is now blasting conservative fundraising emails with a "BREAKING" subject line. Time to unsubscribe. "BREAKING" should be reserved for news." Amen to that.

Media Matters passes on this great reference website, exposing clean energy foes.

This was somewhat cheery. Gardens growing in Iraq.

This was somewhat icky. New "viral" media campaign. Company attaches tiny banner ads to house flies and lets them loose at some trade show. Video. [via Jules Siegel]

This is somewhat weird. Chrysler is going to offer live TV in its vehicles. Trying to figure out their target demo for this. People who are planning to live in their cars?

Speaking of cars, crazy conservative candidate in NY23 Doug Hoffman's bumper sticker.

Former DetNews co-blogger John Needham, gave up politics and started a new crowd-sourced recipe blog: Twitter Friends Recipes. Off to a yummy start.

I loved the White House garden this year. Michelle Obama harvested the last of it this week and according to our chief statistician of the White House press corps, Mark Knoller they got 963 pounds of produce from the garden. Some very impressive yams in this harvest. You can see a photo here.

And haven't checked in with Whiskey Ina in a while. She has a slew of great photos. Just keep scrolling.

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