Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lou Dobbs Leaves CNN

In a surprise announcement on tonight's program, Lou Dobbs 'quit' CNN, effective immediately. It's not absolutely clear he was fired. But it is odd CNN suddenly released him from a contract that wasn't suppposed to end until 2011 so he could "pursue his advocacy journalism" at will. And I get a fired-guy vibe from the video of his farewell address despite the veiled hints towards a possible political candidacy.

I admit when the news first broke on Twitter a couple of hours ago, I was delighted. It's not that I'm celebrating Dobbs misfortune. I don't wish ill on others, not even on people who perpetrate evil. But I do rejoice that hatemongering to the extreme that Dobbs took it, is apparently losing steam as a business model. Gives me greater hope for a restoration of civil society.

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