Sunday, November 08, 2009

House Health Care Reform Bill Passes

Having mixed emotions. I thought I would be more elated when it happened but the passage of the Stupak anti-choice amendment sucked a lot of the joy out of the victory. Final vote was 220 - 215 with 39 Democrats defecting to the GOP side. Depressing and annoying. Some of those have primary written all over them.

Oddly what made me the happiest was the GOP defection to the yes side. Republican Joseph Cao voted in favor and it was truly a brave vote. The hatred for the man is already pouring from the conservanets. Even now, I'm certain they are furiously googling for some kind of dirt to hurt him politically. And then there's the neanderthals who are flooding his comment section with threats and ethnic slurs.

But still, though the fight is still far from over, what a victory. The House actually passed a reform bill with a public option. Whether it's worth the paper it's written on remains to be seen, but politically, it was a hell of an acheivement. So there's that.

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