Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Light Bytes

Wondering what the planetary alignments are these days with all the craziness out there. I expect you've already heard about the shooting spree in Orlando today. Not even going to write about that one except to note how curiously incurious the media and the other usual suspects are about this shooter's religion. But on to some fun links.

Haven't watched this yet but everyone is buzzing about Jon Stewarts takedown of Glenn Beck. I'm told it's the best eight minutes you can spend on anything today. [via][Update: Just watched it. Brilliant, especially if you're familiar with Beck's style. Highly recommend]

Sadly, I haven't seen much coverage of the White House Tribal Nations Conference which was held yesterday by Obama to "make good on his pledge to hear the concerns of native Americans. 564 tribes took part." It got overshadowed by the Ft. Hood mess, but you can get some details from Mark Knoller's twitter feed.

On a related note, Adam Howard flags this bit of good news. We're number one! Brand USA is on the comeback.

Don't think I posted this yet. I loved picture number six in this gallery from Tuesday's elections.

And moving on to non-political. Loved this story. When I see a metal detector I think about old guys in the parks and on the beach, looking for loose change but this man in Scotland was rather young and man did he hit it big. He found a million dollar stash of ancient jewelery on his first day out. Gorgeous gold necklaces.

My new tweep John de Guzman is still posting Chrysler building photos for me. This one from Grand Central,Chrysler and the moon is really nice and also loved this closeup. Someday, somehow, I'm going to look out those windows from the inside.

And maybe you're already chilling at home, so here's a local Noho band I don't think I've ever posted a vid for. One of my longtime favs, Lonesome Bros. Thanks to Whiskey Ina.

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Anonymous Larkspur said...

You're right about Jon Stewart, Libby. A tour de force which ought to be recognized for its own special Emmy.

Meanwhile...I have not had the emotional wherewithal to scamper through the internet to see if anyone else is, like me, wondering why the big fizzy festering heck we are still hunting down and mustering out perfectly healthy homosexual soldiers, when there are unhealthy soldiers who need watching, monitoring, intervention, and care. It breaks my heart.

10:39:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

It is heartbreaking Larkspur. I can't really deal with even thinking about it until the facts come out. But that Jon Stewart segment really helped break the funk. Think it may possibly the best one he's ever done.

1:00:00 AM  

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