Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Everybody's talking at me...

Suffering through a little burnout this week. Too much to do and the news feels stupider than usual but here's a few items worth notice.

As you know, I've been developing an odd sort of twitter relationship with Jake Tapper. It's not like we're close or anything, but over the weeks I've warmed up to him as a person. He's not some great courageous hero who bucks the conventional wisdom or stands up to the corporation that controls his job, but I've come to believe he genuinely cares about being fair and getting the facts right and often does. In any event, he just got an exclusive interview with President Obama and I thought he did a good job. I liked his presentation. He didn't come across as a smug and entitled media star and the questions were fair enough. Decide for yourself if I'm just succumbing to his accessibility. Transcript is here or you can see the full video here.

Not sure how long this contest is running, but if it's still on, please vote up #2 which was submitted by my friend Dirk. Note that you have to click the icon that's right next to the title and not under the post.

Long time readers will remember how pissed off I was about the Kelo emminent domain case where the SCOTUS allowed the city to take a bunch of poor people's houses to make way for private development. Well, that turned out well. The houses are gone, but the land was never developed and now Pfizer is taking their whole operation out of the town. Meanwhile, the former neighborhood where Suzette Kelo made her home, is a wasteland of fields of weeds. Way to do urban development idiot powers that be of New London, Conn.

Moving on to more pleasant distractions. Erin tells me, "I am completely addicted to this site. It's got some very cool photos, but not all of them are safe for work.

Liked this pix in Greg Mitchell's ongoing Pix of the Day. No long hair hippies may apply.

And my new tweep John de Guzman continues to delight with his visual love for the big city. Fred F. French building, a relatively unknown NYC gem.

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