Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Sunday Slacker

Took the day off from the internets yesterday to go visit with the parents. Coolest part of the visit was when Dad asked me to show him how to navigate Facebook. I love that he's getting into the geekery. May get Mom Helen into it yet. She's more of a book reader but she's starting to express some interest in the computer.

Speaking of FB, I found this bit of trivia in my stream. Via Dan with an assist from Marcellina, it seems the guy who runs the Nobel committee is named Thorbjorn Jagland. His name translates as "Thor Bear Me Country." I think that's pretty cool.

Quote of the day via Taegan, from John Boehner, on why the GOP didn't allow members 24 hours to read bills before the vote when they had control of Congress: "Well, it was a different time."

Shockingly, the National Equality March for our LGBT community isn't getting the blanket coverage the shoutragers of August did. Guess there aren't enough Bubba types with beer bellies waving idiotically misspelled signs mocking the President. I hear CSPAN might air it later and there are some MSM reports of tens of thousands marching. Only photos I'm seeing are on Twitter and this site appears to be aggregating the blog coverage. [via MatttBastard]

Is Limbaugh losing his grip on the wingnut throne? Beck does seem poised to usurp him in hot contention for Supreme Leader of people like these who cheer failure and jeer success for our country if it comes attached to a Democrat.

This week's LEO atrocities. Remarkable video of a cop beating down a kid at school for untucked shirt. And a "suspicious bicyclist" is killed when a cop runs him over after he failed to bring him down with a taser. [via Matt]

And in our picture galleries today, this one was heartbreaking. The faces of Pakistan's children. Haunting eyes indeed.

Less disturbing, the latest round of pix on the The White House Flickr account.

And I may have posted this one before, since Greg Mitchell tends to repost his stuff a lot, but this is still one of favorites. Manhattan skyline at sunset from the Hudson.

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Blogger Ruth said...

Funny, I listened on CSpan to a bunch of the GLBT march speeches, this morning am being surprised to hear that I must have gone to the wrong march, since teebee news tells me it was all about confronting Pres. O - what I heard was all about justice.

5:53:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I watched for a while. The speakers were remarkable and it surely was being mischaracterized by the media.

10:43:00 AM  

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