Thursday, October 08, 2009

Out of the darkness

This is the time of year when the daylight ends too soon and I crash out early for a few weeks while I'm adjusting to living in the dark. So here's a few links I didn't get to while I was perfecting my new trick of falling asleep while sitting up in front of the computer.

Loved this. Science night at the White House. About 150 schoolkids got to play with NASA telescopes on the White House lawn last night.

It's not often I would think of linkiing to Ruth Marcus -- okay I never think of it -- but this is a pretty good piece, despite her short foray into false equivalence, on the GOP's obstructing the confirmation of Obama's nominees for crucial positions in the administration. [via at_howard]

On a more dismal note, Washington Post also published an article recently without a single named source. And they wonder why their circulation keeps going down? That trick is getting very old.

Meanwhile, wingnuts get coverage for even the most trivial obsessions but for our traditional media peaceful protestors aren't news. Ever. They can't even buy coverage since the major cablenets won't air their paid ads.

And speaking of ads, forgive my glee at another's misfortune but I'm thrilled to see 19 more advertisers ditched Glenn Beck. In fact two British companies cancelled their ad buys on Fox altogether. This is how to shut down the hatemongers. Hit them in the wallet.

But to end on a brighter note, via LanceMannion this is possibly the coolest bird photo I've ever seen in my life. A kingbird riding a red tail hawk Just wow.

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