Saturday, October 17, 2009

On The Move

My indulgence in balloon nostalgia aside, posting has been light because I'm about to move again. I'm at the end of my lease and I can't stay in this place for a number of reasons. Link on the sidebar to Last One Speaks if you want the gory details. Meanwhile here's some fun stuff to peruse on a Saturday night.

Woody is having a contest. His blog is about to turn a milestone and the 100,000 visitor gets a New Mexico Edibles gift-basket in celebration: pinon-roasted coffee, blue-corn pancake mix, Chimayo red chile powder, something like that. It's a fun blog. Click over to win, but do have a look around while you're there.

Don't do it myself anymore, but I love Halloween decorations.

If you were wondering what the fuss is about, Google Wave explained, via Jay Rosen. I think I made the right choice in skipping the early adopter thing.

Moonbootica always finds the best science links. I think this could be The Lost City of Atlantis, no matter what they call it.

And Mark Knoller passes on a nice picture of Obama's basketball game last week with members of Congress & the Cabinet. Neither Harry Reid nor Joe Lieberman were on the court.

But my favorite link of the week came from Whiskey Ina. I swear I got goosebumps when I watched this. Mama Cass, Mary Travers & Joni Mitchell - I Shall Be Released.

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