Monday, October 26, 2009

On Easy Tweet

I've got a busy afternoon ahead of me so a few easy links, mostly from the twitter feed that may amuse and enlighten you today.

First, please click over and watch El Gato Negro's youtube ad in support of the public option. El Gato is a long time internet friend and I would love to see this go viral for him.

Steve Hynd passes along this stunning gallery of this weekend's suicide attack. BBC - In pictures: Baghdad blasts. I can't help but have great empathy for our president when I look at what he inherited on his first day in office.

I'm quite tired of hearing about the WH v. Fox, but Adam Howard has a really good post at The Nation on the right's claims that it's 'beneath the presidency.'

Still digging all the autumn photos pouring in. This is a really beautiful gallery from Vermont.

Litzz11 sends us a slideshow from Tennessee. Fall color in the Smokies.

Continue to be thrilled with ESB Lights. This is a great aerial shot of the Empire state building in the daytime. Astounding how one building can be interpreted in so many ways.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month and the White House is in on the action. My pretend boyfriend Mark Knoller sends a pix of the hoisting of a huge pink ribbon to hang from North Portico.

And via the lovely Hecate, my new favorite house. Not sure how I would do without windows, but it just looks so charming and cozy.

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