Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dead Heat in NY23

The crazed base of the GOP, a/k/a The Mad Tea Party Hatriots, managed to push the handpicked GOP candidate out of the race. Dede Scozzafava "suspended" her campaign, or in other words -- she pulled a Palin and quit.

The usual suspects are, of course, crowing about their victory against turncoat moderates in the party. I'm wondering why they're so excited about a race that's still a dead heat in a district that hasn't been won by a Democrat since the 19th century. If the crazed cons were really such a moving force "representing the majority of Americans" as they claim, wouldn't the race be a blowout?

I'm thinking that sound you hear in NY23 is the death knell of the GOP as a national party. If Hoffman does win, the tea party base will feel all powerful and amp up their demands that the party move even farther to the reality challenged right. Hard to see how they'll win the White House that way.

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