Monday, October 19, 2009

Bright Lights, Big City

This is why I love Twitter. I posted a request for a picture of the Empire State Building tonight and ESB_lights found me and gave me one. I love the ESB so I immediately followed them of course. I'm now being bombarded with twitpic links of the light display tonight. It's a special "tie-dye" configuration in honor of some Grateful Dead art show that's opening somewhere.

I'm not sure it looks so much like a tie-dye. It looks more like a space alien to me but I'm loving the photos. They're pouring in. This was the first one and this was a blurry cell phone one, but I liked the way it looked like a DeadHead. A great skyline shot. A fabulous close up. Thinking this person some good connections to get that angle. And a view of the other side for the colors.

I think I was nine years old the first time I went to the top of that building. I've been back several times. It's a relatively cheap amusement in New York and a unique view of the city. I recommend going at sunset and staying until dark to watch the city light up. It's rather magical. But go in the summer. And bring a sweater, even if it's hot. It's always cold and windy up there and btw, I hear it's not fun at all in February.

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Update: For the archives. A late entry of a whole gallery of shots. Some really nice ones there.

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