Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Activism Matters

Some updates on various protests I've flagged here in the last week. Glad to see the anti-Bankster demonstrations getting some tradmedia exposure. LAT covers the angry crowd outside of the annual Bankster confab. It seems I mistakenly said earlier it was in NYC. It actually happened in Chicago.

I was glad to see TPM cover the protest. They posted a a good slideshow with some photos I hadn't seen yet. But the motherlode of pictures can be found at this Flickr page. They are literally hundreds of shots. Just looking at the thumbnails of the various albums turns up some really lovely shots. Heartening to see this is an international grassroots effort.

Meanwhile, via The Grand P it seems 75 GOP House members introduced a resolution to honor the "gazillions" of people who took part in 9/12 Teabag protest. The GOP is so funny. They're worse with numbers than I am. Underestimate the impact of stimulus spending, ignore the savings of a public option for health insurance, but see 50,000 protesters and it looks like millions.

And as I said, I'm just not going to get worked up yet about the reform bill based on media speculation but it wouldn't hurt to keep the pressure on the obstructionists. Via Adam Howard, these are the Senators who could still kill the public option.

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