Friday, September 25, 2009

A thousand words

Something extra light to start the weekend. I have a lot of picture links so I'll post them all at once for a little mental health break.

Josh Marshall is looking for a caption on this photo from the G-20 summit. A few came to mind, but nothing I wanted to share with the world. Anyway it's a nice gallery. My favorite shot was this one. I love when they capture the two of them in those moments.

In contrast, I got this gallery of the UN reception from Nico Pitney at twitter. I found it to be, as Nico put it, bizarrely entrancing and an example of when being President must be really awful. Indeed I looked at about half of the 130 shots and was reminded my own excrutiating social rituals of that sort. This looked much worse. If you're less patient you can get the effect in 20 seconds in video form. Hard to blame Obama for looking frozen in time.

This is the cute overload of the day. Hold the mustard.

And this isn't a photo, but there are thousands of words here. When I was spell checking in Google for another post, I noticed The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form. Ambitious project. I was impressed.

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