Sunday, September 20, 2009

My computer hates me

Part of the reason I disappeared the other day was because I had that problem with not being to see YouTubes on the blogs. I spent hours fooling around with the settings, changed the restore points three times with no effect. Then I finally realized that it was working in Firefox but not in IE. Now, I know it's horrible to use IE but for some reason this old computer hates Firefox. If I leave a window open it crashes the computer. Shut me right down the other night and I lost a bunch of links I was collecting because I hadn't saved them yet. And now, after all that, the YouTubes started working again in IE this morning. Gah.

Also while I was waiting for resets, I decided to cut my hair. Got trigger happy with the scissors and cut it too short, but just as well. Screwed up the shoulder again. It was twinging like crazy since. Not so bad today though and now at least I have a haircut that will last for a couple of months and hope I built up some strength by stressing the arm a little. So there's that.

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