Monday, September 14, 2009

Loose links

So another reason I didn't post much yesterday is I went over to visit with the folks. We watched Tiger Woods win the latest PGA tournament and I now have a pretend crush on Brandt Snedeker. He's such a cutie with that hippie hair cut. Too bad he lost. Anyway, I have a few stray links of interest to amuse you while I'm working on the other stuff.

Roll Call posted their annual list of the 50 richest Congresspeople.

Networks gave more time to screaming Joe Wilson than to the content of Obama's speech. And now the Democrats want to keep him in the spotlight by censuring him? Let him fade from the spotlight already is my feeling. Who cares what he says? He's nobody.

All that cheap imported shit we're buying was probably made by child labor.

And I don't know if he made a point with this volley, but jeebers, Federer made a helluva tennis shot here.

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