Saturday, September 26, 2009

I run from Iran

Don't know what to say about the nuke facilities in Iran except I'm really glad it's Obama dealing with the problem and not Bush and Cheney. Thinking Obama handled it rather brilliantly. Via LanceMannion, this from Sully describes it well.
Obama has known about this facility from day one. At Cairo, he reached out the Muslim world, undermining the Iranian regime's ability to engage in arm-waving, fear-mongering anti-Americanism. He built himself a triumvirate with Brown and Sarkozy, who actually have an intelligence presence in Iran. He used that presence to build an airtight case. He cut a deal with the Russians. He reached out to Iran, knowing that they would likely reject or ignore his overtures. Then, when Ahmadinejad comes to New York, having to face Western journalists, Obama announces the the existence of the Qom facility, turning the spotlight on Iran when they are unable to hide behind state-controlled media. Obama, cool and calm, pulled off a near-perfect diplomatic pincer.
Apparently they've known since 06 and I'm guessing the only reason they couldn't do anything about it was our former Swaggerer in Chief couldn't drum up any international support on taking action. I do think military action would be deadly.

Jake Tapper posted a good explanation on that. He says, "So why not just take out the facility (beyond the obvious desire to avoid a huge conflagration in the region)? 1. Bombing one facility wont acheive the larger goal: ending Iran's nuke ambitions. And 2, if they keep getting caught by good intel, they may ultimately conclude their ambitions are futile. As opposed to being bombed and digging in more determined than ever. And SteveHynd adds, Its in Qom, Jake. Centre of Shia. One missed missile, or crashed plane, and the Muslim world explodes.

Probably good to remember when we get pissed at Obama for not fixing the problem we find most important right away, that he has to deal with all the problems at once and it's not so easy to prioritize. Only so many hours in any day and he's just one man, who looks more tired every time I see him in the news.

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