Saturday, September 19, 2009


I forgot to post this yesterday. It was the 39th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix' death. Little Wing

This is the mesmerizing link. Bright Kite. It refreshes every 20 seconds or so and people post photos and updates about where they are. I seriously couldn't tear myself away for about 20 minutes. Fascinating. I"m going to post it on the sidebar so I can check it every now and then. [h/t Gotta Laff]

If you managed to tear yourself away from Bright Kite, Greg Mitchell posted the funny link of the day. A burglar busted because he stopped to check his Facebook updates while in the victim's house and forgot to exit his page. Made it pretty easy to track him down. No word on whether he commited the burglary to pay for his internet connection.

Sad news. One of the founders of Fire Dog Lake, Christy Hardin Smith is leaving Blogtopia. Even more sadly, it's because of health issues. Teh Left will miss her voice. We're diminished without it, but of course I send her healing thoughts for renewed health and peace of mind. Be well Christy and thanks for all you've done.

But to leave on a happier note. Troll Cat knows everything. And Andy's morning glories.

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