Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Give the people what they want

Finally succumbed to popular demand at DetNews and spent the afternoon talking about ACORN. It's actually getting a little more interesting now that it appears that stupid defund ACORN bill that our idiot Dems helped pass may defund our entire military-industrial complex too. If that happens, I'll end up thanking them for passing it after all. And I'd note it was a freshman Democrat who noticed the unintended consequences. It gives me some hope that maybe we can rebuild the Democratic party with better politicians. (More about the allegedly "independent" filmaker at DetNews link at the bottom of the post.)

Meanwhile, the latest in GOP hypocrisy. Sen. Brownback praises a federal grant for a rail spur in his state. Of course he fails to mention that the grant comes from the stimulus bill he voted against. Good for the Dems for calling him out on it. [via matttbastard]

Interesting to see the far right wing media ragers start to criticize Beck. Fun to watch but forgive my cynicism if I don't believe the concern is genuine. Hard not to suspect that they are really more interested in stopping him from gaining supremacy as leading wingnut and bleeding off their audience.

I'm sure it will shock no one that Joe Lieberman isn't sure which party banner he'll stand under to launch his reelection campaign in 2012. I think he may as well make it official and run as a GOPer.

I rag a lot on Faux News here, but cripes, the WaPo isn't any better. It gets harder every day to feel bad about the demise of the dead tree media.

But I would make an exception for John Robinson's News & Record. He and I developed a relationship when I first moved here and they were the wunderkids of the media world for being the first newspaper to embrace blogs. It was a rocky start but I've come to like him very much and respect his work. He's an editor that gets what's wrong and is trying to fix it. In any event, click on this story, hogwild in NC. The picture alone is worth giving him a hit. Sometimes I really love this state.

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