Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crazy Day links

I've been tied up with some personal issues so obviously a very late start today. Let me give you the prime links from my tweetstream and I'll be back in a bit.

Jay Ackroyd passes on a link to video of his Netroots Nation panel. It was a really good one.

Fun with FOIA on how to check your FBI file. Via Avedon, whom I've neglected terribly since my shoulder went out.

Depsite wide debunking, Glenn Beck claims on Fox & Friends this morning that 1.7 million attended the 912 march. It boggles the mind that anyone believes this, even the deluded fans. That's almost as many as showed for the inauguration. Surely these people saw that on TV and would realize they didn't cause the same gridlock? But then again, they think Beck is the only one telling the truth.

I'm too lazy to dig through my archives, but I'm sure I predicted they would end up using this on US civilians when I first heard about this weapon being used in Iraq.
San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore deployed (but did not use) military type sonic crowd-control devices at two town hall meetings, one held by GOP Darrell Issa and the other by Democrat Susan Davis. These devices are the same as those used to control crowds of insurgents in the Iraq war theatre and have been linked to ear and brain injury.
Granted they didn't actually use it at these events, but I'm guessing it's only a matter of time. Via SoBeale, who dug out her old post making the same prediction last year.

Chris Hayes of The Nation tweets, Palley: Letting Bush tax cuts expire in 2010 reduces by almost half the projected annual deficits (as % of GDP.) Almost half.

And while our rich folks are whining about a possible tiny tax increase here, other countries are raising rates by a much heftier margin since the worldwide financial crisis hit.

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