Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why we fought

If I was feeling calm and connected instead of cranky and disengaged, I might have written this:

"Why we are in this," isn't about the political winning and losing. There's a reason why so many of us have worked so hard for so many years trying to bring back a viable, strong Democratic party. It wasn't just so we could say we won. It was to bring some sanity, some balance, some transparency and accountability and humanity back to governing. There's a reason we're Democrats--because we think our ideas are better for the country. Because the Republicans are bankrupt, are incapable of governing, and are not interested in governing, only in enriching themselves and their cronies. The corporatist course they put the country on in 1980 has proven utterly disastrous for the majority of Americans.

"Why we are in this" is to fix this mess. Wasn't that what "hope" and "change" were all about? And with a Democratic House, Senate, and President for the first time in 15 years, forgive us for thinking that fixing this mess would also be the top priority for our leaders.

The thing is, winning and governing aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, in this political environment, with a crumbled economy, failing states, and the uncertainty of two wars, governing boldly, governing effectively, governing with purpose and passion will be the key to sustaining political wins--political wins that will cement the progressive policies that we need to put the country back on track. And let's not forget the fact that all of us who worked so tirelessly to get Democrats back in power need some proof that it'll be worth our while to repeat that effort.
In any event I completely agree. Read the rest at the link.

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