Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random thoughts

I've been busy at DetNews this morning and dealing with the painters here at the house. I have errands to run this afternoon and want to go spend a little time with the folks so here's a few links and other loose thoughts from the last 24 hours.

As it turns out, Newt Gingrich was for *death panels* before he was against them.

For as long as I remember, if it bleeds - it leads was the industry standard for reporting. I don't think that's so bad. Why not? People are naturally more interested in unusual events and disasters than they are about ordinary events. The difference is the media didn't used to invent or encourage the bloodshed. And by that I mean, CNBC is a menace to civilized society.

Would be hilarious except they let him spew this crap on TV every day. Glenn Beck goes so far off the rails of the crazytrain that his guests won't even talk to him.

White House fights viral emails with it's own viral email. Haven't got mine yet but I imagine I'm their list.

Whatever did happen to Palin's expensive GOP bought wardrobe? No one knows for sure.

Rush Limbaugh is an asshole. But you knew that. "Sex-retary of State"??? Jerk.

The Remote Area Medical team takes their act to the city. Long lines for this event in LA.

One of the better Day in 100 Seconds segments I've seen lately. Pwn Hall meetings.

How Congress spends its summer vacation. At CODELS.

Nice post by my pal Kathy of Stone Soup on interfaith efforts for health care reform.

Random twitters I liked: LanceMannion, "All accusations coming from the Right should be interpreted as confessions." Rudepundit, "Sitting in Central Park, I heard a woman say on her cell, 'He can go the town hall thing, but if he yells and gets on the news, it's over.'"

And twitpix of the day from John McCain, Spider Rock at Cayon de Chelly.

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