Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Morning twitbits

Trying to reset my internal clock and I'm operating on -4 hours of sleep. So while I gather my thoughts, here's some short links that will need no interpretation for you high denominator readers. Seven falsehoods about health care.

The Whole Foods Boycott, is picking up steam and its stock is going down fast.

This is so on target. Who doesn't recognize this genre of blogger?

Kevin McKage has a great letter to editor on health care reform and GOP lies. Currently on top of the page here.

Good editorial at USA Today on the public option.

Tort reform is highly overrated as a cost containment device.

After dissing Chuck Todd on twitter last night, I'm praising him today for this report. Seems when given the facts vs. the false spin, 53% support the present health care bill.

Breaking the no-link to Politico policy for this one. FreedomWorks ain't free. Charging 10K to be part of their Sept. hate march in DC.

And speaking of hate, more hideous Nazi analogies. One by a county commissioner in Michigan and in case you missed it somehow, Barney Frank skewers idiot Nazi propagandist in Dartmouth MA.


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