Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Almost forgot about the annual Perseid showers. Tonight is supposed to be the peak night for it. I probably won't be able to see much because there's too much ambient light from the shopping centers and have no idea where to go around here to find a nice dark spot in the country. But get out there and look if you can. Hearing they're good this year.

Meanwhile, the shoulder is much improved after resting most of yesterday but I'm ready to die of heatstroke. It finally got hot enough for me to want to turn on the central air and it appears it doesn't work. The unit is spinning nicely outside but no cool air in the house. My own fault for not checking it sooner I suppose. I expect in this heat wave it will take two days to get a tech out to fix it. By then I probably won't want it anymore. May have to go shopping to cool off.

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