Monday, August 17, 2009

Joe Scarborough blemishes MSNBC brand

Of course Scarborough is not the only media star who does this sort of thing, but MSNBC is supposed to be the liberal station.

It was a true homecoming for MSNBC talk show host Joe Scarborough when he came back to the University of Alabama campus Thursday as the keynote speaker for the local Republican party's annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner [...]

Scarborough also excoriated the "liberal media" and said knowingly he had "looked behind the curtain" and that "it's worse than you think," [...]

Scarborough was unabashedly partisan, invariably saying "we" when he talked about Republicans, their causes and strategies and how "we" can take over Congress again. In other words, he left no doubt whatsoever that he was still a proud, card-carrying member of the GOP.
If Olbermann or Maddow said anything remotely resembling this at a Democratic fundraiser, there wouldn't be enough smelling salts in the world to revive the media and far right pundits from their fainting couches. But it's Scarborough, so no one mentions it. Except us unserious hippies. [via the GOS]

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