Saturday, August 15, 2009

Going insane

I hate being a technodope. My oldest blog, Last One Speaks suddenly started showing this long line of ugly and incomprensible (to me) code at the top. The template is so ancient that when I first started using it, Blogger didn't even have buttons to autoinsert html code for basic functions like bold and italics. They forced me to upgrade it once, years ago, but it's worked fine for all this time.

I know I didn't do anything to it myself. I haven't worked on that template in literally years. The blog has become just my little hideaway where I share the minutia of my boring personal life with my friends and family in far flung places. I'm afraid to import to a new template because I've got six years of my life sunk into that blog and I don't want to lose the archives.

And that code is above the header but below the navbar thingy. It doesn't even show on the template. I've literally screwed around with removing various bits of the main template for hours now and still can't rid of it. Next lifetime, I want to be a technogeek so I can read that language and figure this sort of problem out quickly.

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