Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Froomkin and Franken

Some good news for a change. Dan Froomkin has a new job. Glenzilla has the long form version, along with the context, while Froomkin posts a brief announcement.
I'm delighted to announce that starting later this month, I'll be taking on the duties of Washington Bureau Chief and Blogger for The Huffington Post. [...]

I look forward to working with all my new colleagues to hold the powerful accountable, expose corruption, explain how Washington really works -- and write about politics and government not as if it were just a game, but recognizing that it matters profoundly to every one of us.
Meanwhile, Minnesota's newest Senator, Al Franken was sworn in this afternoon, using former Senator Paul Wellstone's bible. I'm sure I don't need to spell out the symbolism in that. I suspect that somewhere in the cosmos, Wellstone's spirit is smiling as broadly as I am.

Update: Think Progress has video of the swearing in. The applause is just as I had imagined it.

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Blogger Brian Krenz said...

Excellent! Huff Post is a great fit for Froomkin - I'll probably be more likely to read him than I was.

And Franken - finally! The Republicans and the media will continue to try to frame Franken as a clown, but it will become clear to those who pay attention (all twenty-five or so of us) that he's actually a very knowledgeable, very competent senator.

3:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Kvatch said...

As a frog who voted for Wellstone in his first run for the Senate, I have to say that it was a long time coming and is very, Very...sweet indeed.

4:05:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I agree that HuffPo is a good fit for Dan. I would hated to see him go to someplace like Politico.

And the Franken swearing in must be especially sweet for those with ties to MN. I think Al's going to be a great Senator.

9:29:00 PM  

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