Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog on the Run

Busy afternoon for me. I overslept and the family is finally coming over to see the new place here so I'll be tied up for a few hours. A few easy links to tide you over till I get back.

A hilarious imaginary transcript of the Baucus committee meeting on health care reform.

I love this stuff. Scientists discover an ancient Roman city using sophisticated aerial imagery and some clever analysis.

Via Rising Hegemon who has an example, a very cool ecard site where you can create your own messaged cards. Bookmarked this one myself.

Police have no idea why 2 Georgia cops ran a background check on Obama. I have my own theory. Can imagine the conversation in the squad car.

Might have something to with the fact that 28% of Republicans believe Obama is not a citizen, and 30% are not sure. revamped their site. Much more user friendly. You can track the Congressional votes by bill or Congressperson here. Bookmarked this one too.

This is very cool. Done after WWII, living pictures of iconic US images formed by thousands of troops.

Milky Way over Devil's Tower.

And Nude Mona Lisa.

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