Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sun and fun

It's a sunny day. I saw a baby bunny in my back yard this morning so I'm energized today to get out and do the errands. Here's a few quick non-political links to hold you while I'm out. I love daylilies in every form and while their are more exciting culitvars, these common ones are edible. I used to make tempura but scroll down and Hecate has a great recipe for crab stuffed blossoms that sounds yummy.

And speaking of flowers, m. heart always has a blogful of wonderful pictures of the Happy Valley. Some great bird shots and I especially liked this series of shots of Smith Gardens at sunset.

Haven't linked to Phila in a while. My favorite link over there this week is a great gallery of abandoned motels that once thrived when family vacations were taken on the scenic two lane routes. I remember staying in many places just like these on family trips of my youth.

I'm obsessed with John Cole's new pup Lily. Apparently she's loosening up as she gets used to her new digs. It sounds like the match made in heaven for both of them. I think Cole has been a little less cranky since he got her.

Finally, this looks like great fun and it appears anyone can make them. TKK did Troll Logic - The Movie. Can't wait to give it a try myself.

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