Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Speaking of symbiosis Ben...

Ben Smith joins his colleague in whinging about the HuffPo question at the presser. Don't give them the traffic by clicking the link, here's the money quote.
The high-profile the administration is giving the left-leaning outlet is a nice case of symbiosis, not entirely unlike the Bush Administration's close ties to Fox, though the president's signal that he'd been briefed on the question in advance was particularly unusual.
As if nobody might have figured out on their own that Nico was covering the protests 24/7. And because keeping the politicians at arm's length is so important to journalistic integrity. Right. By the way Ben, does Jon Martin still work for your publication?

If only McCain had won, then everything would have been different. How much whine do you suppose they expect to make out of those sour grapes?

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