Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Politico throws hissy fit over presser

I only saw bits and pieces of Obama's presser today because my internet connection is hinky and my rabbit ear teevee reception wasn't working well either. But I caught enough of it live to see why the establishment media hates Obama. They keep trying to play the same gotcha by wingnut talking point game and he makes them look like idiots. Every. Single. Time. And they hate that Obama doesn't play the "all powerful media stars get all the questions game" either. The look on the guy standing next to him, spoke volumes, when Obama called on Nico Pitney of HuffPo for a question on Iran. The guy's sour face could have curdled milk from fifty yards.

Maybe that was Mike Calderone. I'm not sure what he looks like in person, but either way Calderone was quick to throw a hissy fit over it. Oh the humanity. The President called on a lowly blogger instead of a "real journalist." Don't even bother to click on that link, read Marcy's scolding instead. And she's absolutely right that Nico deserved that question. I linked to him early on, but Nico has been aggregating the incoming news in Tehran from the first minutes of the protests and never stopped.

Think Progress has video of the exchange. And if you missed the presser, I expect you'll be able to find the whole thing on the internets soon enough, but really you should read CoT's transcript instead. It's always the best one.

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