Saturday, June 27, 2009

Improved with age

I'm going to see the folks this afternoon so a few links to amuse you while I'm out. Actually quite a few links. They've been piling up again. Starting with the newer stuff.

I'm not really following the tributes to the deceased celebrities much, but my friend Steve Audio has an interesting story about Michael Jackson from when he worked on one of his tours. And my deep sea buddy, Octopus has a personal vignette from when he was worked with Farrah Fawcett.

This story about Sarkozy and the burqas slipped by me, but my man Capt. Fogg has the must read take on that craziness.

Meanwhile, my sister finds some nano-magic. I'm old enough to remember when a computer took up a whole room. Didn't really expect to see nano-tech in my lifetime.

Never got around to blogging this outrage, but it still pisses me off. Jane runs down the details on the record bonuses expected at Goldman Sachs. And no link, but I read somewhere else that some of the other banksters are just going to increase base salaries in lieu of obscene bonuses. No limit to their hubris, I guess.

If you missed this one, it's funny in a really creepy way. Glen Beck plays with Barbie Dolls.

And to end on a cool note on this hot day, some eye candy starting with these astounding shots of an erupting volcano taken from the space station.

Via m. heart, a gallery of photos taken by blind photographers. And their Flickr gallery. Some beautiful stuff. It's sad they can't see their own work.

My pal Uncle Blodge has some fun shots taken around Philly.

The secret side to Marcellina. Who knew she was such a sexpot?

And a really spooky clouds hanging over Soho in Gotham City.

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