Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hit and run

Won't have time to blog this morning. I have a couple of new posts up at the DetNews that are worth reading. I'm debunking the GOP car dealer purge rumor and the phony "reverse racist" smear against Sotomayor. That should shut the critics up, but it probably won't.

Meanwhile, I ran across this yesterday. The new ad by the Republican study committee is hilarious in its cluelessness. Theme - Obama is a divider. The GOPers have become so pathetic, it's almost hard to mock them. Like kicking someone when they're down, you know.

Also, I have this loose link to Paul Guttenberg's photo gallery. Somebody at FB enticed me over to look at his perfect shot of a for real New York black and white cake, but the rest of the gallery is well worth a look too. And as long as I'm pitching photographers, let me send you over to my old friend, John W. Farrell. I never understood why he didn't become as successful as say, Richard Avedon. He has such a great eye for a shot.

So, with that I'm off to find a new home. Hope to be back this evening.

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