Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fast and easy

I got a bunch of errands to run today, including a trip to the big city, so here's some quick and easy on the mind links.

The story of stuff. I haven't watched the video they're talking about yet, but it sounds very cool.

More wonders from deep space. 20 pictures from the Hubble spacecraft. I especially love the nebula that stares right back at you. [h/t Moonbootica]

This is very cute. Vote for doodles for google. Google ran a contest soliciting drawings from school kids for their daily logo. You can vote for your favorities in four age groups. Personally I thought the 4-6 year olds had the best drawings.

And finally, if you need a little politics to tide you over, Young Matt has a short post on the failures of conservatism-in-practice.

Late entry: What? You have a better idea for a new GOP logo?

[More posts daily at The Detroit News]

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