Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Squawking Heads

I've tried pretty much to avoid the big names and limit my blogroll to smaller bloggers so it doesn't get overloaded, but I suppose I should break down and put in a link to James Wolcott. This, on the Village, is just priceless.
If it were possible to reach into the television screen and throttle the scrawny neck of the Washington establishment, shake it until the dice rattled and the stem came loose, would that be wrong? Would that be considered unsporting? It pains me, as a bringer of dharma and light, to feel driven to imaginary acts of symbolic violence, but even a man of peace can take only so much until frustration blazes to the upper floor. Watching ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, for instance, is like receiving an engraved invitation to apoplexy. [...]

So we’ve gone from “Who won the week?,” a favorite question on the Sunday-morning chat shows, to “Who won the afternoon?,” time and thought processes being diced into shorter and shorter segments until we reach the 140-character capsule of Twitter, the social-networking micro-platform which Washington movers have taken to with a bang because their thumbs and narcissism don’t get near enough exercise.
This is a feature piece and not his blog, but it's not that long and it's hilarious. I wish I had his gift for the well-articulated insult couched in faint praise. [h/t HBK]

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