Friday, April 17, 2009

Saving Pvt. Beauchamp

Of all the stupid and destructive blogmob vendettas that the major wingnut bloggers perpetrated over the Bush years, the Scott Beauchamp imbroglio was always the one that pissed me off the most. The months long vicious attacks against him by those cowardly cretins made me want to vomit daily.

This morning Attaturk flagged a story noting that the Sgt. who was instrumental in taking Beauchamp down was just convicted of cold blooded murder in the execution of four bound prisoners. Naturally, I blogged it at DetNews for the benefit of the many commenters there that participated in the attacks. Excerpts of the response:
How about all of the UNJUSTIFIED hate Mr. Beauchamp helped to direct at our troops and our President because of HIS lies????

I dare say far more people were injured and indeed KILLED because of people like him and those who trumpeted his lies all over the globe.

He DESERVES what he got - too bad the people that spread his fabrications did not share in his punishment.

It is a known fact that many of these attempts at undermining our President were used to recruit more terrorists and those terrorists killed my friend.

Moreover, many of those groups that organized the protests and spread these lies actually gave money to support the terrorists.

That is treason and the likes of Medea Benjamin should see a noose.
As I pointed out in comments in reponse, the only ones trumpeting the story were the wingnut bloggers and I agree they should be held responsible. But this is why I so rarely engage these people. I'd like to believe that they could be reasoned with and shown the error of their thinking. But apparently they just aren't able to think in any coherent terms.

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