Saturday, April 18, 2009

Road trip

Well I'm off for the weekend to see my Dad so it's not clear if I'll be able to post or not. A quick cruise through the news tells me that Obama is making friends with the Latin America leaders. The wingnuts are all ZOMG, he shook hands with Chavez. They just hate diplomacy, don't they?

People are still talking about the tea parties. Me, I'm done with them but I would note that I read somewhere last night that Fox aired a total of 107 promos for the events. Makes the turnout look even weaker.

Meanwhile, it seems that there's a growing trend in certain GOP circles to embrace teh gay. Today it's John McCain who is warning the party to distance itself from the religious base and be nicer to gay people. Not really sure there's anything they can do really to improve their fortunes as this point as long as the angry base continues to define the party and Obama is averaging a 63% approval rating.

Anyway, I have to get out of here, but if I don't get to a computer, Memorandum will have all the buzz while I'm gone.

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Blogger OpenMindedRepublican said...

Hah! Is the daughter pulling the father towards sanity?

About time.

3:24:00 PM  
Blogger OpenMindedRepublican said...

Oh, hey, in case it wasn't clear, that last was a comment about McCain.

8:08:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I wondered about that too OMR. Although the comment works for me and my Dad as well. We don't exactly agree on politics.

11:26:00 AM  

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