Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random right wing idiocy

David Broder is an idiot and I would love to know when the WaPo is going to stop posting his specious arguments and inane projections about "what people think." The guy takes a cab ride and thinks talking to the driver makes him the new Margaret Mead.

I've been posting on torture like a madwoman at DetNews for the last couple of days and hear the same sorry excuses for avoiding investigations in the comment section. What is it about judicial investigations that they don't get? The whole point is to establish whether or not there was wrongdoing. And as these excusers were so fond of saying all the years Bush was trampling our civil rights with things like illegal domestic surveillance, if the authorizers of torture did nothing wrong, then they have nothing to worry about. Let them be either convicted or exonerated as established by the rule of law. Isn't that what we were supposed to be protecting when they "went to war" in the first place?

On a different note, a chart is worth 1000 words. These people could be taking boats to the top of the Empire State Building and still be denying there's a problem.

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Blogger Cosa Nostradamus said...

It seems that every decent, upstanding, moral person in America wants to know exactly what happened with this torture thing, wants it stopped for good, and wants any criminal acts prosecuted. Only those actually at risk of prosecution for acts past, present or future are opposed: Them and their toadies in and around the media, or those suckered by the media.

While the issues are certainly up for debate, we need to move forward with that debate. In the real world, we call that debate a trial. Both sides get to present their arguments, with a judge refereeing, and then a random sampling of us get to have the final debate and deliver our conclusions in open court so all the world can see that justice was done. Its how we avoid criminals "getting away with murder" and mob violence in the street. It's not a perfect system. But it kinda works. It's only in a banana republic that anyone is above it. That's why we still respect the law here, because everyone is subject to it. Or used to be.

More and more, Washington is coming to look like old Honolulu, where the tiny ruling elite of corrupt, incompetent "ali'i" (Hawaiian aristocracy) and the haole merchants, planters and churchmen they intermarrried with ran the Kingdom, and then the Republic, and then the Territory, and then the State, like one big plantation. Funny thing: The nupepas always supported whatever the plantation owners and managers wanted.

But the bananas were good. Still are.

5:59:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Nothing like fresh bananas off the tree...

6:57:00 PM  

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